Smiths Medical ASD

Tri-Med Medical Supplies sells many Smiths Medical ASD products, including a wide range of Bivona® and Portex®  tracheostomy tubes in neonatal, pediatric and adult sizes, Portex® Acapella® vibratory PEP systems, decannulation caps, filters, adapters and connectors, nebulizers, heat and moisture exchangers (HME), tubing accessories, and inner cannulas. 


Smiths Medical has global headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Product lines include tracheostomy tubes and accessories, arterial blood gas systems, bronchial hygiene, lung expansion products, active humification and nebulization systems, open and closed suction catheters, manual resuscitators, passive humification and filtration products, oxygen/aerosol masks, cannulas, tubing, and small volume nebulizers with unit dose solutions.  Smiths Medical designs products for hospital, emergency, home and specialty care environments, and are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care and for support in managing chronic illness.