Portex® Bivona® TTS™ Tracheostomy Tubes - Adult

Smiths Medical Portex® Bivona® TTS™ Tracheostomy Tubes - Adult, 6.0mm

  • $120.78

Bivona® TTS™ Cuffed Trach Tubes

Manufacturer: Smiths Medical ASD

  • The cuff, when inflated, creates a seal between the tube and the trachea, protecting against aspiration and optimizing respiration
  • When the cuff is deflated, it rests tight to the shaft of the tube. This enables the tube to be used for weaning patients from a ventilator and also aids in speaking.
  • The TTS™ provides a tracheostomy solution for a variety of airway management needs without having to change tubes.

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
670150 5.0 mm 1 each
670160 6.0 mm 1 each
670170 7.0 mm 1 each
670180 8.0 mm 1 each