Portex® Bivona® TTS™ Tracheostomy Tube - Cuffed Pediatric

Smiths Medical Portex® Bivona® TTS™ Tracheostomy Tube - Cuffed Pediatric, 5.5mm - 67P055

  • $294.46

Bivona® TTS™ Pediatric Trach Tube

Manufacturer: Smiths Medical ASD

  • Pediatric V neck flange cuffed trach tubes
  • The TTS™ (Tight-to-Shaft) cuff takes the profile of an uncuffed tube when deflated which is intended to minimize trauma when the tube is inserted 
  • Multipurpose design and added security of the TTS™ cuff, eliminate the need for different tubes
  • The silicone tube construction allows the tube to remain flexible in the trachea
  • The wire-reinforced tube shaft design is intended for improved kink and crush resistance, while maintaining MRI compatibility
  • A rounded obturator tip is designed for easy introduction into the trachea with minimal trauma
  • Packaged individually sterile with obturator and twill trach tie

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
67P055 5.5 mm 1 each