Sklar's® Decannulation Stoppers, Full Closure

Sklar's® Decannulation Stoppers, Full Closure

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Jackson Improved Trach Tube, Full Closure

Manufacturer: Sklar Surgical Instruments

Sklar's® Decannulation Stopper is a plug used at the beginning of the decannulation process when a patient is no longer relying on the tracheotomy tube to breathe. Unlike a decannulation cap, which is placed over the tracheotomy tube, a stopper fits inside the inner or outer cannula. The outer cannula typically remains inserted when the decannulation process begins, in the event the patient has difficulty breathing through his mouth or nose and requires to begin breathing again through the tube. This product is a size #6 stopper and provides full closure. It is latex-free.

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
1037834 Size 4 1 each
1037836 Size 6 1 each
1037837 Size 7 1 each
1037838 Size 8 1 each