B&B Medical Technologies TrachStay™ Anti-Disconnect Device

B & B Medical TrachStay™ Anti-Disconnect Device

  • $3.76

TrachStay™ Anti-Disconnect Device

Manufacturer: B&B Medical Technologies

  • Minimizes therapist time for set up and connection
  • Easy and quick application to all tracheostomy collars
  • Can be used while intubated and delivery of supplemental oxygen therapy
  • Can be used with trach collars
  • Latex Free, hypoallergenic materials for fragile skin
  • Assures Trach to Ventilator connection
  • Enhanced durability for security of the circuit and position
  • Reduces potential therapist exposure to contaminated tubing moisture

Manufacturer SKU # Quantity
11270 50 per box
11270-TM 1 Each