Ambu Disposable Face Masks

  • $2.95

Ambu® Disposable Face Masks

Manufacturer: Ambu Inc.

  • Crystal clear dome for easy observation of the patient's condition
  • Dome with thumb rest and soft, shaped, airfilled cuff allows a tight fit to the patient's face with an easy grip
  • Complete line with 6 different sizes from neonate to large adult
  • Supplied with hook ring (except neonate and infant sizes) the mask is prepared for fastening by head strap (hook ring can easily be removed if not needed)
  • Disposable/single patient use


Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
000252051 Neonatal 1 each
000252052 Infant 1 each
000252053 Toddler 1 each
000252054 Adult Small 1 each
000252055 Adult Medium 1 each
000252056 Adult Large 1 each