Ventec Life Systems VOCSN Roll Stand

  • $519.75

VOCSN Carry Bag

Manufacturer: Ventec Life Systems

The VOCSN roll stand is rugged, mobile, and designed for easy accessorizing. Each roll stand is assembled in two easy steps and includes:

  • Easy on and off docking system with T-slot for secure fitting
  • Utility basket with two hooks, two cord wraps, and handle for easy maneuverability
  • Five-spoke, low-center-of-gravity roll base. Locking, chrome covered casters with 3 in. hard rubber wheels
  • Cross bar with four universal mounting points (two threaded) for easy arm, drop pole, IV or feeding pump attachments
  • Fitted VOCSN AC adapter shelf
  • Heater/humidifier bracket
  • One cylinder ring set and pre-drilled holes for a second ring set to hold a total of two cylinders

Manufacturer SKU # Quantity
PRT-00569-001 Each