Portex® Bivona® Tracheostomy Tubes - Uncuffed Neonatal

Smiths Medical Portex® Bivona® Tracheostomy Tubes - Uncuffed Neonatal - 3.5 mm

  • $79.00

Neonatal cuffless straight neck flange trach tubes - 3.5 mm

Manufacturer:  Smiths Medical ASD

  • Silicone tube material is hydrophobic and hypoallergenic, allowing for a tube that is tissue-friendly and easy to clean
  • Ideal for the neonatal patients where voice is desired and airway leakage is not a problem
  • The silicone material of the tube remains soft and flexible in the trachea, allowing greater range of mobility than tubes of more rigid material
  • The wire-reinforced shaft is intended to minimize the risk of the tube kinking
  • Bivona® neonatal tubes are reprocessible up to five times
  • Products include obturator, twill trach tie, and a 15 mm disconnect wedge

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
60N035 3.5 mm 1 each