Passy-Muir PMA® 2000 Oxygen Adapter

Passy-Muir PMA® 2000 Oxygen Adapter - Clear

  • $26.77

PMA® 2000 Oxygen Adapter

Manufacturer: Passy-Muir

  • O2 Adapter
  • The PMA 2000 Oxygen Adapter is a small, lightweight adapter designed to deliver low-flow oxygen (up to 6L/min) to the face of the Passy Muir Valve
  •  The speaking valve adapter easily snaps onto the PMV® 2000 and PMV® 2001, providing a portable and comfortable method of delivering low-flow oxygen to patients with tracheostomy
  • Latex free
  • Made in the USA

Manufacturer SKU # Quantity
PMA2000 1 each