The Breather - Resistive Breathing Training

The Breather - Resistive Breathing Training

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The Breather, for Resistive Breathing Training

Manufacturer: Alimed

  • The BreatherTM is an effective hand held trainer that strengthens both inspiratory and expiratory muscles
  • The principle of resistance to the intake of air and to the release of air against resistance is essentially the same principle used as in weight training
  • Respiratory breathing/strength training is an effective tool to teach diaphragmatic breathing for breath support
  • Strong breath support is also essential for coordination of speaking, swallowing and coughing
  • Inspiratory resistance helps strengthen the diaphragm and the external intercostal muscles (accessory breathing muscles surrounding the ribs) and the accessory muscles of the neck
  • Exhalation resistance can strengthen and tone the internal intercostals and abdominal muscles; helps to safeguard against trapping air in the lungs during training; and may also help to clear mucus in the airways

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ALI88838 1 each