Prep Pack

Prep Pack

  • $198.80

KimVent Prep Pack

Manufacturer: Halyard Health

  • Self-cleaning, Covered Yankauer
  • Cleans secretions and debris from the shaft after suctioning, leaving it drier and cleaner between uses
  • High flow atraumatic tip with multiple holes
  • Allows for quick and effective removal of secretions
  • Ergonomic suction handle design that fits with all suction tools
  • Allows for the caregiver to perform the cleaning procedure more comfortably
  • Soft on/off switch on Suction Handle
  • Allows for easy suction control
  • Soft button for nurse’s comfort
  • Clip design on suction handle provides convenient and cleaner storage between uses
  • Y-adapter design allows multiple functions with one canister

Manufacturer SKU # Quantity
99789 40 per box