Combo Blood Collection Tubes

Combo Blood Collection Tubes

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Safe-Wrap Combo Blood Collection Tube

Manufacturer: RNA Medical

  • RNA Medical® Brand Safe-Wrap Combo Blood Collection Tubes, for use with the Abbott Point of Care i-STAT® System, are used for the collection of capillary blood samples for use with i-STAT blood gas, electrolyte, and chemistry cartridges requiring either 95 μL or 65 μL of sample. 95 μL cartridges: G3+, CG4+, EG6+, EG7+, CG8+, CHEM8+ 65 μL cartridges: 6+, EC8+, EC4+, E3+, G
  • Safe-Wrap Combo Blood Collection Tubes are Mylar®-wrapped glass capillary tubes that have been treated with calcium-balanced lithium heparin to prevent the sample from clotting. The Mylar minimizes the risks associated with broken glass capillaries by containing both the glass and the sample in the event of accidental breakage
  • This product is packaged in cylinders containing 50 tubes and 50 dispensing plungers
  • This product is not for use with either coagulation or immunoassay cartridges

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CT 095 50 per box