Medi-Vac® CRD™ 1500cc Disposable Suction Canister Liner

Cardinal Health Medi-Vac® CRD™ 1500mL Disposable Suction Canister Liner

  • $180.44

Suction Canister Lining w/Filter & Shutoff Valve; 1500mL

Manufacturer: Cardinal Health

  • Suction and fluid collection
  • CRD™ disposable liners are easily assembled by snapping the lid onto the liner
  • Engineered for clinician safety, CRD™ lids contain integrated filters and shut-off valves
  • The lids also lock into place after assembly in order to minimize the risk of spillage during the transport process
  • CRD™ disposable liners require the use of a reusable outer canister

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
65651-515 1500mL 100 per box