AirLife® Hydroscopic Condenser Humidifier (HCH)

  • $118.50

Hydroscopic Condenser Humidifier (HCH)

Manufacturer: Vyaire Medical

These hygroscopic condenser humidifiers (HCH) capture the patient''s exhaled heat and moisture and return them in the inspired gas. Small and compact, they are specially treated to provide bacteriostatic and hygroscopic benefits. Depending on the tidal volume requirements, select either the adult or small-volume model.

The adult HCH is ideal for patient tidal volumes of 150 to 1500mL. The small-volume HCH is designed for tidal volumes of 70 to 600mL. Also available with Omni-Flex™ connectors for patient comfort. The HEPA-filtered HCH provides increased protection at tidal volumes of 250 to 1500mL.

  • Available in Type I and Type II
  • 15 mm male, 15/22 mm female/male

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
003003 Type I - Adult 50 per box
003004 Type II - Small Volume 50 per box