• $8,619.00

NIOV System

Manufacturer: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

NIOV is a light, palm-sized device that increases the amount you can breathe in and delivers a high mixture of oxygen and air. Feedback from users has been that NIOV makes breathing much easier with less work.

NIOV can be set to 3 activity levels: resting (low), moderate activity (medium), and exercise (high). Since NIOV requires a pressure source to work, it needs an oxygen cylinder or other pressurized oxygen sources. NIOV may be run either while plugged in or while you’re on the go. Its rechargeable internal battery lasts approximately 4 hours.

NIOV device is connected to a pillows-style nasal interface. NIOV nasal interface covers just the nostrils, leaving the mouth unobstructed so that you can speak while device is in use. Your respiratory therapist will help you select the most comfortable nasal interface and set your activity levels when you are fitted with NIOV.

Manufacturer SKU # Type Quantity
BT-50-0008 With regulator 1 each
BT-50-0011 Without regulator 1 each