Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Optiflow™ Nasal Cannula

Optiflow™ Nasal Cannula

  • $1,200.00

Airvo Nasal Interface

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

  • Headstrap clip removes the need for a lanyard
  • Soft cheek pads add stability and reduce pressure on the face
  • Contoured prongs for a softer, streamlined fit
  • Customizable headstrap provides a secure, soft fit
  • Evaqua™ technology reduces formation of mobile condensate
  • Dual connector fits all F&P circuits

Manufacturer SKU # Size Quantity
OPT942-TM Small 1 each
OPT942 Small 20 per box
OPT944-TM Medium 1 each
OPT944 Medium 20 per box
OPT946-TM Large 1 each
OPT946 Large 20 per box